Our combined experiences and vast knowledge base allows us to continuously refine our strategies based on growing needs and demands of the market. Our major strategy is to focus on 3 key principles of project planning to completion. We understand a “green” project’s success depends on the people involved in implementing the project throughout the entire process. We have aligned ourselves strategically with our key subsidiaries who both complement our strategy and provide necessary expertise and developmental support.


We realize that our clients and partners need to see what we are working on. It is one of the most effective ways to gain confidence and trust. A common question we get asked is, “what industries do we work in? What type of projects do you do?” To questions like these, we simply say, it must be “Green”.


Our successful process has been developed and refined over several years by using leading industry expertise and knowledge in renewable project sustainability. We have strong financial connections and skilled development partners. These strengths allow us to ensure our success rate. Our team consists of highly qualified industry leaders who ensure that projects are implemented efficiently and effectively. Our project management expertise allows us to ensure project execution and returns on investment.


Stanfield Global