Application for Clean Tech Renewable Energy Projects

Executive Summary Form and Application for Clean Tech and Renewable Energy Projects

$4,750 Initial Fee must accompany this application
Minimum Funding amount five million dollars ($5,000,000.00)
Minimum of $20,000 due when and if application is accepted (Retainer)
Minimum of $49,750 due for overseas projects when and if application is accepted (Retainer)

Entity/Project/Business To Be Financed

Primary Contact Person

Secondary Contact Person

I authorize Stanfield Global to investigate my credit and the credit worthiness of any and all principals associated with this application for the purpose of financing my development project. It is understood that a photocopy or facsimile copy of this form will serve as authorization to obtain this information. Stanfield Global will not share any information received with any party or parties not pertinent to this financing opportunity.

Additional fees of up to .75 % (three quarters of one per-cent) of requested financing amounts may be assessed to all accepted projects involving Stanfield Global Strategic Planning, Site Development and Acquisition, and Travel or Expenses from a Stanfield Global Representative or sub-contractor. These fees will be assessed at a rate of $300.00 per hour and will begin upon submission of application. There is a maximum billing of an eight-hour day for travel of each Stanfield Global Executive to your project site and that maximum includes domestic travel costs and accommodations.


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