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Stanfield Global provides financing for green real estate and commercial development in Tampa FL, Southfield MI, Daly City CA, Burbank CA, Aurora IL, New York City, Austin TX, Washington D.C. and throughout the rest of the country. We also provide refinancing, project and business Development services which are outlined below:

Financing, Project and Business Development

Commercial Project and Business Development
The principals of Stanfield Global were groomed in the investment banking and financing arena by firms such as Bank of America, Shearson Lehman, Salomon Brothers, First Boston, American S&L, and E. F. Hutton, just to name a few.

Elder Homes is a 35 year old Maryland development firm, recently turned to Stanfield Global to help with $22 million dollars in financing for their 128 bed Assisted Living project. Stanfield Global convinced the developer to “Go Green” by pointing out the many benefits of such a strategy, including lower operating costs and improved project sales. As a result, the developer has enlisted the financing and consulting services of Stanfield Global for the initial prototype and all of their future projects.

Stanfield Global is also the financier and consultant on a solar applications project in Arizona.

The principals of Stanfield Global have over 50 combined years of Business Development and Business Financing History into an organizational motto that reads “Every Large Corporation was a small business first.” Stanfield Global’s principals have secured and are securing financing and helping with project and business development for businesses ranging from:

Gail Garnett, EVP of Stanfield Global and Danny Glover in San Francisco

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