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Stanfield Global specializes in providing green financing solutions to clients in Daly City CA, Southfield MI, Burbank CA, Aurora IL, New York City, Austin TX, Tampa FL, Washington D.C. and throughout the rest of the country. We invite you read below to find our more information regarding our financing, applications and guarantees.

Financing, Applications and Guarantees

Financing, Project & Business Development

Stanfield Global believes that their clients represent the future of our planet. If you have a project that is ingenious, creative and may contribute to the wellbeing of this planet and it’s inhabitants, then Stanfield Global can believe in you, help you and consult you along the way. Stanfield Global is not only an investor, Stanfield Global can help with loans through Bank Financing, Venture Capitalist or Angel Financing. Stanfield Global is the foremost expert in the United States on “Green ” project grants and loan guarantees available at the local, state and federal government levels and can make meritorious dreams become a reality.

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For our Sustainable Development Projects and Client Application, click here for application (PDF) – $4,750 fee must accompany application

For our Commercial Projects Application (Executive Summary), click here for a project application (PDF) – $4,750 fee must accompany application. $5 million dollar minimum amount funded.


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If you have any questions regarding Financing, Applications or our Guarantees, simply fill out our short form or call us directly at call us directly at 301-232-3625.

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