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Stanfield Global specializes in green investments for clients in Washington D.C., Southfield MI, Daly City CA, Burbank CA, Aurora IL, New York City, Tampa FL, Austin TX and throughout the rest of the country. We are a premier consultant and financier for green development projects all throughout the country. We invite you to find out more about services by reading the About Us section below.

About Stanfield Global

Investments, Financing, and Project Development…
For People, Planet and Prosperity (P3)

Harley Stanfield opened as a “green” investment banking and consulting firm in 2005. By 2009, Harley Stanfield became INC’s #1 Real Estate, #1 minority run corporation and 3rd fastest growing corporation in America. In 2014, Black Enterprise Magazine and Diversity Business named Stanfield Global the #1 African American run and #1 “Green” Investment Banking Consulting firm in the country.

Eugene Pulley, Sr. Vice President, Public Relations – Stanfield Global.

More About Stanfield Global

We at Stanfield Global believe that investors and clients hold the future of the planet in their hands. We believe that “Global Warming” is a growing, accelerating and human generated peril. We also believe in the innate ability of most human beings to recognize the necessity of a different type of investment for a rapidly changing world. An investment in sustainable and regenerative “green” and eco-friendly living and working spaces, an investment in vehicles and transportation powered by renewable fuels and energy, the development of alternative energy sources that do not harm and heat our planet, and a basic understanding that the great “green” enterprises of tomorrow will spring from the new ideas of the struggling small businesses of today.

Stanfield Global has assembled eco-friendly venture capitalists, “Sustainable Investment Projects”, and federal, state and municipal grants, loan guarantee and debt programs dedicated to helping to make this a “green world.”

Stanfield Global offers the individual an opportunity to invest in that “green” world and the municipality an opportunity to prepare its’ community for the great “green” buildings, industries and jobs of tomorrow.

Stanfield Global believes in and supports the P3 philosophy: People, Planet & Prosperity

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For more information on Stanfield Global or to find out more about our green investment services, simply fill out our short form or call us directly at 301-232-3625.

Green Investments | Southfield, MI

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