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Stanfield Global provides access to municipal green jobs training in New York City, Southfield MI, Daly City CA, Burbank CA, Aurora IL, Austin TX, Washington D.C., Tampa FL and throughout the rest of the country.

Municipal Green Jobs Training

Stanfield Global Cares

Training Programs
Stanfield Global is prepared to provide direction to the training of your municipality’s unemployed construction contractors in the science of remodeling techniques for high-performance, energy efficient retrofits.

Upon completion of training programs, these contractors can be certified by national certification groups (BPI, GA, RESNET) that measure expertise in whole house performance and Integrated Building Science.

Start to Finish

Sold by demand
We are prepared to proudly market performance tested, energy-efficient, remodeled buildings in your municipality that are “Made in the USA to High Living Standards.”

To Settlement and Occupancy
With the municipality’s help, we will market these buildings as the highly functional, healthy, and highly desirable structures and safe investments that they are.
Stanfield Global will provide assistance in identifying the source of Funds needed to pay for the re-training of your citizens.

Stanfield Global will provide assistance to the acquisition of new, durable, and quality “green” construction jobs for residents of your municipality.

Millions of dollars retained for local spending and re-spending.

Tens of millions added to Real Estate Values in your municipality.

The conversion of municipal non-performing assets to cash or performing assets in identifying the source of Funds needed to pay for the re-training of your citizens.

Do it Right – Better and Cheaper

In the end they are free!

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If you have any questions regarding our green job training, please fill out our short form or call us directly at 301-232-3625.

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