HBCU “GREEN” Funding Application

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

HBCU "GREEN" Funding Application

The HBCU “GREEN” initiative is proposed as a private-public initiative open to traditional HBCUs that have needs that relate to student housing and a desire to participate in “GREEN” Sustainable Development. To determine whether your school will be eligible to participate, complete responses to the following required items by May 30, 2018.

HBCU To Participate In Project

Primary Contact Person

Secondary Contact Person

a. A site map of the subject site(s)
b. Current zoning and land use restrictions
c. Availability/proximity to existing infrastructure (electricity, water, sewer)
d. Describe roads, either existing or proposed to be constructed and timeline
e. Name any local, state or federal designations (i.e. USDA certified food desert, medically underserved community, Front Porch, Enterprise/Empowerment Zones

I authorize Stanfield Global to investigate all and any additional information associated with this application to determine the eligibility to participate in the HBCU "GREEN" project. It is understood that a photocopy or facsimile copy of this form will serve as authorization to obtain this information. Stanfield Global will not share any information received with any party or parties not pertinent to this project. ***There will be no initial application fee. There will be a good faith deposit of $15,500 when and if your application for participation in HBCU Green is accepted; and when a Letter of Commitment for conditional funding is issued by Stanfield Global and accepted by your school.*** Also, to complete this application, signature(s) and date(s) are required from all parties indicated on this form. Please print out the last page of the Download version and provide your signature and date to be submitted with this application.

Stanfield Global