Sustainable Project Ownership (SPO) Application

Sustainable Project Ownership (SPO)/HBCU "GREEN" Application

$4,750.00 must accompany this application

($57,500 minimum and minimum 750 FICO to Qualify for SPO Program)

I authorize Stanfield Global to investigate my credit and employment history for the purpose of financing sustainable development projects. It is understood that a photocopy or facsimile copy of this form will serve as authorization to obtain this information. Stanfield Global will not share any information received with any party or parties not pertinent to this investment opportunity.

If your Application is rejected by Stanfield Global, your application fee will be returned in full. If your SPO Application is accepted, your application fee will be applied to the $800,000 minimum for HBCU Green or the $57,500 minimum for Nova House, and additional information may be requested.

Also, to complete this application, signature(s) and date(s) are required from all parties indicated on this form. Please print out the last page of the Download version and provide your signature and date to be submitted with this application.

Stanfield Global